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Bingo: Just a reminder that bingo card sales starts at 6:00 PM and stops promptly at 6:45 PM. No cards will be sold after 6:45 PM. Playing starts at 7:00 PM. Please bring small bills.

Clubhouse Use: If you use the clubhouse for a function, it is your responsibility to see that the tables and chairs are put back into place like you found them and to turn off all the overhead lights and fans when you are through.

Feeding Critters By Retention Pond: If you are putting bread by the retention pond on Plantation Landings Drive, please stop doing this! This is encouraging unwanted critters into our park from the wooded area directly across the street.

Refuse Pick Up For Holiday Weeks: There seems to be some confusion when refuse pick up is when there is a holiday involved. If the holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, refuse will pick up on Wednesday and Friday and yard waste picked up on Saturday of that week. If the holiday falls on Wednesday, regular pick up will be Tuesday and Friday with yard waste picked up on Saturday. If the holiday falls on a Friday, regular pick up will be Tuesday and Saturday, and yard waste pick up on Wednesday.

Solicitation In Park: No door-to-door solicitation is allowed in the park. If you see this being done, please notify the managers or one of the board members.