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Kathy and Ken Switzer of 350 Ashley

Picture by Dot Lambert



Sandhill Cranes 002.JPG?1336573358906

Recent Building Inspector at our house.

Picture by Jim Summers


Birds 5-4 003.JPG?1336174077019

A large flock of birds in the pond by the Club House - 5-4-2012

(12 Wood Storks and 2 Egrets)

Pictures by Jim Summers

Birds 5-4 001.JPG?1336173656333





Two news Sand Hill Cranes recently born at Plantation Landings
Picture by Lee Simmons


 One of Betty Hurlbut's items on her bucket list was to ride on a motorcycle ... so John Poor took her!

Picture by Micki Poor




Glory Stroman in Barry Haley's home-built airplane.





The thrill of a lifetime occurred when Barry Haley offered Glory Stroman a ride in his two-seater home-built airplane with floats. Barry and Kathy Haley are winter residents residing at 334 Ashley Dr. While interviewing the Haleys for New Faces in the Messenger last year, Barry told her about his love for airplanes and flying. He built this Pelican plane back home in Whitby, Ontario, taking him six years to complete -- all the while working fulltime as an engineer on nuclear reactors at Ontario Power Generation.

Barry took Glory for a ride in his airplane on March 16th. WELL GLORY...YOU CAN CROSS THIS ONE OFF YOUR "BUCKET LIST"!



 Saturday Bocce Champs: Piranhas

Saturday Bocce Champs (The Paranhas) are: Jeanette Seale, Dale McFarlane, Barb Schutte and Bob Golisek. Congrats you guys!!

Photo taken by Bob Cumiskey - 3/17/12



 Dan Scherzer - birthday 4/17 & Louise Meyer - birthday 4/22

Celebrate at coffee hour.

Photo taken by Irv Johnson - 4/11/12



 Saturday Bocce Runner-up: Hot Shot

Saturday Bocce Runners-Up (The Hot Shots) are: Roy & Shirley Heaton and Jeanette & Richard Moats. Congrats to you too!

Photo taken by Bob Cumiskey - 3/17/12



 Judy & Pat Stand in for Shirley Heaton.  The Heaton's were married on April 12, 1956.

Photo taken by Irv Johnson - 4/11/12


Sharks 5-4.jpg?1336174063434

 Card Shark of the week - 5-4-12  -  Bill Denton

2nd place winner - Dee Knox

Booby Prize - Maribeth Smith

Photo by Glory Stroman

Card Sharks 5-10.jpg?1336681343975

Card Shark of the week  5-10-12 - Carolyn Trott

2nd place winner - Helen Hudder

Booby Prize - Lois Sregzinski

Photo by Glory Stroman