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Please send information to:

Lorraine Lawless Clifton at 353-8616 or by clicking on her name. (April - September)


Marlene Lima at 421-0163

(October - March)



Thanks to so many faithful friends in Plantation Landings who have keep me lifted in prayer.  As many of you know, I have been going through many difficult tests over the past three months.  Through these tests the doctors have diagnosed several areas of what has been going on in my digestive system. Although they say this will be an ongoing occurrence, it is not a life threatening problem of which I am thankful. I now join the many of you in that group who also suffer with digestive problems, and have sympathy for you.  Remember Faithful Prayer Warriors if you feel the Spirit showing you that someone is in need of prayer, or if someone asks you for prayer, prayer is the best hope we have and is coveted by us all.  Thank You Again,  (5/17)

Gloria Parker