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Welcome to New Residents

May 2012

Beck, Karen - 119 Magnolia Lane

(Hillsborough, N.C.)

Jordan, Cherrie - 339 Ashley Dr.

(Haines City, FL.)

McGill, Sue - 305 Maple Crest Dr.

(Picton, Ontario, Canada)

McVicker, Daniel - 305 Maple Crest Dr.

(Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

New Long-Term Renters

Lisi Jr., Rev. Louis - 134 Magnolia Lane

(Whiting, N.J.)

Wood, Betty - 7 O'Hara Dr. (Pittsburgh, PA.)

April 2012

Keenan, Jane - 70 Butler Blvd.

(West Seneca, NY)

Noeson, Joseph - 70 Butler Blvd.

(Centerville, NY)

Noeson, Ronald & Lynette -70 Butler Blvd.

(Delevan, NY)

Zbur, Jim and Janice - 304 Maple Crest Dr.

(Marion Ctr., PA)



March 2012

Merrill, Jamie - 183 Tara Lane (Elmira, NY)

Norris, Kerry and Gravely, Bonnie - 113 Magnolia

(Yorktown, VA)

Bart and Barbara Smith - 280 Dixie Dr.

(Broadway, VA)

Kathy Gauna and her son, Mario Urrutia

have moved to 20 O'Hara Drive



February 2012

Woodard, Larry & Margy - 333 Ashley Dr.

(Elmira & Trumansburg, NY)


January 2012

Carpenter, Joyce - 197 Tara Lane (Sanford, ME)

Jollotta, Harold - 197 Tara Lane (Sanford, ME)

Harold, Mary - 306 Maple Crest Dr. (Haines City, FL)

Ann Noll - 63 Butler Blvd. (Silver Spring, MD)

Bob Von Reichenbach - 63 Butler Blvd. (Silver Spring, MD)





Good Bye and Good Luck to:



May 2012

Rodney & Dorothy Hollinger formerly of 119 Magnolia Lane

Jan Ashworth, formerly of 339 Ashley Dr.

Terry & Mariana Cleary, formerly of 305 Maple Crest Dr.

April 2012

Marv and Barbara Vanderband formerly of 70 Butler Blvd.

304 Maple Crest Dr. was formerly owned by the Neifer family.

March 2012

Bette Johnson, formerly of 183 Tara Lane

Don, Marj and Philip McIntee, formerly of 113 Magnolia Ln.

280 Dixie Dr. was formerly owned by the family of Paulette Sharp

20 O'Hara Dr. was formerly owned by CRF

February 2012

Liz Keybl formerly of 333 Ashley Dr.

January 2012

James Duce formerly of 197 Tara Lane

Janice Kobs formerly of 306 Maple Crest Dr.

Norene Stevens formerly of 63 Butler