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Please send information to:


Lorraine Lawless Clifton at 353-8616 or email by clicking on her name.

(April - September)


Marlene Lima at 421-0163

(October - March)


Updated May 14




Please keep our friends lifted up with prayers for a speedy recovery. Assisting these loved ones, gives us all ample opportunity to help in a time of need



John Roberts of 19 O'Hara Drive was admitted to Heart Of Florida Hospital on May 9.  He is having tests done.  Cards of cheer may be sent to 19 O'Hara Drive.  (5/14)


Ronnie Leonetti of 360 Ashley Drive was admitted to Winter Haven Hospital on May 10 with congestive heart failure.  Ronnie has been fighting serious battles with her lungs for quite a while.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Cards of cheer may be sent to her home.  (5/14)


Caroline Johnson of 206 Dixie Drive is going for an MRI and more blood work.  She was instructed to go back to the Oncologist due to problems with her blood.  Caroline could use our continued prayers.  Cards of cheer may be sent to her home. (5/14)


Charlie Johnson of 206 Dixie Drive had an endoscopy and colonoscopy on May 11.  Results were great but he spent the next day and night vomiting.  Charlie could use our prayers and well wishes.  (5/14)


Donna Radisch of 222 Dixie Circle will be having colon cancer surgery on May 21.  She and Jack are in desperate need of all our prayers.  This isn't  Donna's first battle with cancer.  Our prayers worked for her in the past so please keep them up.  Cards and well wishes may be sent to her home.  (5/14)


Ray Bonosconi of 261 Dixie Drive was admitted to Heart of Florida Hospital on May 2.  He had surgery and then required a second surgery.  It was touch and go for awhile. His son, Mike has stayed with him the entire week. Ray seems to have turned the corner and Mike is hopeful he'll be able to come home by the weekend. Cards of cheer may be sent to 261 Dixie Drive. (5/8)  Update: Ray is home from the hospital recovering (5/14)


Donna Denton of 117 Magnolia Lane was admitted to Heart of Florida Hospital on May 3 with kidney stones.  (5/5)   Update: Donna is finally having surgery to dissolve the kidney stones on May 7.  (5/8)   Update 2: The kidney stone surgery is on hold.  On May 8 she had a cardiac catheterization and needed to have a stent inserted.  Please keep Donna in your prayers.  Cards of cheer can be sent to 117 Magnolia Lane.  (5/9)  Update 3: Donna had 2 stents inserted on May 8 and 2 more on May 10.  She is now battling an infection.  Kidney stones problem has not yet been resolved.  (5/14)


Don McIntee formerly of 113 Magnolia Drive has two more cancer sites.  He will be starting chemotherapy the beginning of June.  Marj & Don need you to keep them in your prayers.  (5/2)


Bernard Adkins of 259 Dixie Drive was taken to Winter Haven Hospital and admitted to ICU on April 28.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia and a little sepsis.  Bernard suffers from COPD and will need all our prayers and support.   (4/29)   Update: Bernard Adkins came home from the hospital May 2.  He is on multiple antibiotics.  It will be sometime until he is able to travel back to Illinois.  Please keep Bernard and Ida  Mae in your prayers for a speedy recovery.  Cards of cheer may be sent to 259 Dixie Drive.  (5/3)

Update: Gail Henry had corrective knee surgery on April 24.  They had to rotate her knee.  It was locked.  She is now having aggressive therapy which is extremely painful, before, during & after.  Please keep Gail in your prayers.  Cards of cheer may be sent to 371 Ashley Drive.  (4/28)


Jeanette Seale of 301 Plantation Landings Drive will be having surgery on May 2.  She will be at Lakeland Regional Hospital. Please keep Jeanette in your prayers.  (4/27)  Update: Jeanette is home continuing her recovery.  She has a post-op doctor's appointment on May 18 and is hopeful she will get the OK to drive. Cards of cheer may be sent to 301 Plantation Landings Drive.  (5/8)


Barb Clark of 87 Wilkes Drive will be having knee replacement surgery on May 1.  She will be at Florida Celebration Hospital in Kissimmee.   (4/27)    Update: Barb is at home and still receiving therapy for her knee.  She is getting  alone fine.  Cards of cheer may be sent to 87 Wilkes Drive. (5/8)


Bob Von Reichenbach of 63 Butler Blvd. was admitted to Heart of Florida Hospital on April 20 and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  He was given heavy doses of medication and was able to return home the next day.  Cards of cheer may be sent to 63 Butler Blvd. (4/27) Update: Bob was re-admitted to Heart of Florida Hospital on May 7. He had severe reactions to his medications and his blood levels were elevated. He has been stabilized but will be in the hospital a few more days. Well wishes and cards of cheer may be sent to his home. (5/14)



Pat Hill of  91 Wilkes Dr. had knee surgery at Heart of Florida Hospital.   She is doing well and hopes to be home early in the week.  (4/21)  Update: Pat Hill came home early this week and is doing nicely.  Cards of cheer may be sent to 91 Wilkes Drive. (4/27)


Shirley Heaton of 357 Ashley Dr. was admitted to heart of Florida Hospital on April 16 with blood pressure issues.  Her cardiologist and primary physician are consulting to find her best treatment.  Roy hopes to have her home later this week.  Cards of cheer may be sent to 357 Ashley Dr. (4/19)  Update: Shirley's blood pressure was stabilized and she came home April 19. (4/20)