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HOA President’s Report

By: Ray Pratt


Congratulations to our new HOA President Dan McBroom and continuing Officers Lana Burson, Secretary and Phyllis Yale, Treasurer. John Rishel was voted Vice President. New Directors Jeanette Seale and Bob Golisek are welcome additions to the Board. Thanks to retiring directors Charles Weirauch and Dick Curtis for their service. 


We wanted to express our thanks to Marlene Lima for her many years of unpaid service as editor of The Messenger, so a plaque was presented to show the Park resident’s appreciation at the HOA Meeting.


The Board voted at the 1/5/2012 meeting to increase the charge for the Directory to $3.00 and to partially reimburse Tom Hines $1,350.00 for his guitar and associated equipment that was stolen from the Club House last spring.


Due to members concern about the Bylaws Article 5, section 4 requirement, that a member must renew membership by December 31 which impacts the voting at the Annual Meeting, The writer convened an Emergency Board Meeting 1/7/2012. Section 7 says that a list of members eligible to vote shall be made at least ten days before each meeting of members entitled to vote. The Board voted not to propose any Bylaw changes at this time.


The Methodist Church pickup of aluminum cans and newspapers from the laundry room is February 11 and 25th. Do not put magazines and books with newspapers.        


Next  HOA Board Meeting:  February 2 at 7 PM.

Next  HOA Members Meeting:  February 13 at 7 PM



              From the Manager’s Desk
                  By:  Tim and Lois  Sease


As I was entering the January lot rent checks, it became quite apparent that a small percentage of residents forgot that their new lot rent amounts were in place.   Before you write your February checks please make sure you know your correct rent amount.  Also, if you have not paid your Fire Tax please do so .  If you are not sure of this amount please call me.


I am requesting everyone to make sure that you have provided me with an emergency contact name and phone number.  All too often we have to scramble to find a family member or friend to notify about an ill resident.  It saves time when I can just go to the files and pull out the forms with this information on it.   Also an FYI:   In your cell phone, in the contacts list,  if you make an entry of I C E for "in case of emergency"  you put in a number for a family member to be contacted the police, fire and rescue people with be able to utilize this info and have family waiting for you at the hospital or come to you if needed.    This has been used nationally and is very helpful.


When you are entering the Community, please go slow and remember the speed limit is 15 MPH.  Not only are there residents walking, biking, in golf carts but our grounds crew is out there working and a speeding car puts them in danger also.  Remember no matter what you are driving or riding  to follow the rules for everyones safety.


I still find it necessary to remind people that there is no parking on lawns.  We have parking lots around the club house for cars and golf carts.  If you have guests, they can park in the club house parking lot, just let me know.  There are so many water lines under ground in your yard, and in the common areas of the Community.  Please be conscience of the rules.


Well, I guess that is all for now.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or stop by the office.  If I do not have an answer for you, I will try and find one.


Happy Valentines Day!!


Tim & Lois

For residents who would like to get a copy of the original prospectus:

Request your prospectus from:


Bureau of standards and Regulations

1940 North Monroe Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1033


The phone number is: 1-850-488-1122

(press 3 of the menu)





The website is available for reading the following Chapters of the Florida Statutes:

Chapter 723 - The Florida Mobile Home Act

Chapter 617 - The Corporations Not for Profit

Chapters 61B, 29-32 & 35 - The Florida Administrative Code


Also available is to learn more about the Federation of Manufactured Home Owners.



The 2011 Residents Phone Directory.  Cost is still $2.00 and Jeanette Seale is selling them.  She will try to make them available at Bingo, coffee hour and certainly from her home at 301 Plantation Landings Drive.


2011 HOA Committee Chairpersons

Bingo: Jim Childs 421-3962

By-laws:  Butch Groulx  421-9796

Calendar Coordinator:  Judy Potter  438-6051

Cap Program:  Charlie Johnson  422-6825

FMO: Daniel McBroom  353-8860  

Health and Welfare:  Marlene Lima  421-0163

Home Owners Statutory Committee:  John Rishel 422-9489

Library:  Pat Johnson 325-3512 
               Ann Heath (summer) 422-9082

Membership:  Nancy Morrow  421-6310

Messenger Editor:  Yvonne Sheffield  810-887-9386

Nominating Committee:  Jim Childs  421-3962

Park Purchase:  Ray Pratt 421-9082

Pop Machine:  Jim Childs  421-3962

Phone Directory:  Dianne Murphy  353-5572 

Safety & Emergency:  Charles Weirauch   438-4575 and Dan McBroom  353-8860

Social:  Diane Price  421-9109 

Travel:  Nancy Mullins 422-7464

Ways and Means: Dick & Donna Curtis 419-1805

Web Site:  Sandy Ramsey  353-5345

Welcome: Charles Weirauch 438-4575 and Marlene Lima 421-0163


                                       Your MESSENGER

   The publication of your monthly newsletter is designed on availability of space for articles and the cost of printing.
   Advertising provides the support necessary for the HOA to provide this service to the community.  Please consider these advertisers when the need arises and don't forget to let them know how much you appreciate their support.  Judy Yoder, is the Messenger Advertising Representative.  Please let Judy know when someone is interested in Messenger advertising.
   Yvonne Sheffield, the Messenger Editor  places the articles in the newsletter.  Therefore, on occasion, it may became necessary to edit articles to fit the space availability.  Please contact Yvonne when you have information for the newsletter.
   Sandy Ramsey, the Online Messenger Editor places articles online at .  These pages are updated almost daily.  If you have news, information or pictures that you would like to see posted...please send Sandy an email at .

Bingo: Just a reminder that bingo card sales starts at 6:00 PM and stops promptly at 6:45 PM. No cards will be sold after 6:45 PM. Playing starts at 7:00 PM. Please bring small bills.

Clubhouse Use: If you use the clubhouse for a function, it is your responsibility to see that the tables and chairs are put back into place like you found them and to turn off all the overhead lights and fans when you are through.  

Feeding Critters By Retention Pond: If you are putting bread by the retention pond on Plantation Landings Drive, please stop doing this! This is encouraging unwanted critters into our park from the wooded area directly across the street.

Refuse Pick Up For Holiday Weeks: There seems to be some confusion when refuse pick up is when there is a holiday involved. If the holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, refuse will pick up on Wednesday and Friday and yard waste picked up on Saturday of that week. If the holiday falls on Wednesday, regular pick up will be Tuesday and Friday with yard waste picked up on Saturday. If the holiday falls on a Friday, regular pick up will be Tuesday and Saturday, and yard waste pick up on Wednesday. 

Solicitation In Park: No door-to-door solicitation is allowed in the park. If you see this being done, please notify the managers or one of the board members.