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Bowling is coordinated by Len and Judy Potter

In the 175 Club we have: Dick Taylor, Len Potter,  Paul Ottenwess, Archie Paulson, Tom Wierzchowski, Lewis Bibler, Don Burson, Clete Illig and Linda Diller.

In the 200 club:    We would like to congratulate Clete Illig with a (203) game…this was his first!  Don Burson had a (244) and Paul Ottenwess had a (200).

High scores for the ladies are:  Betty Taylor (449), Judy Potter (428) and  Carol Bibler (411).

High scores for the men are:  Don Burson (581)..great!  Len Potter ((537) and  Lewis Bibler with a (508).

Hazel Bemis only bowls one game each week and she had a great (164) go girl!

Betty Taylor  picked up the 5-10 split and the 4-7-10 split.  Judy Potter made the 5-7 split.  Paul made the 6-7-10 split and the 5-4 split.

So far we are starting slow but we will pick up and we are all making terrific scores....